Monday, December 20, 2010

Excuse The Interruption

A science teacher was reviewing the previous days reading assignment. “Class, I want someone to explain to me what happens when your body is immersed in water.”

From the back of the room, one student smartly replied, “The phone rings!”

Interruptions! We can allow them to be an irritation to our plans or an opportunity to serve God.
Wherever Jesus went He was constantly interrupted by individuals needing something. Once while Jesus was traveling from Jericho to Jerusalem, He was approached by one of the many beggars who existed by pleading for help. The beggar called to Jesus for “mercy” and when Jesus heard his cry, He invited him into His presence. When Jesus asked him what he wanted he simply said, “I want to see.” And Jesus replied, “Go. Your faith has healed you.”

Often when we are “on our way and doing our thing” people interrupt us for one thing or another. When it is someone we care for or one whom we feel deserves our attention, we gladly pause and offer help.

It is easy to overlook those who are beneath us or undeserving. But when we understand the fullness of God’s love to us, we welcome the opportunity to serve.

Prayer: Lord, help us to do what You would do when we have an opportunity to help others. In Your name, Amen.

Scripture: Mark 10:46-52

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