Saturday, February 13, 2021

Divine Deliverance

Our God is a great and gracious and generous God. We see His greatness when we look into the spacious skies at night and see stars that cannot be counted and know that there are galaxies beyond galaxies. We also see His greatness and generosity when His Son walked among the sick and healed them, saw the hungry and fed them, heard the grieving and comforted them, listened to the distraught and encouraged them. 

We see His power and greatness when we look at Jesus on the cross, His resurrection from the tomb when He defeated death, His offer of salvation, His promise of eternal life with Him, and His invitation to call on Him “whenever” for “whatever” as long as it is in His name.

David said that God “rescued him because He delighted in him.” Delighted here means “to be mindful of, to be attentive to, to keep, to protect, to have pleasure in...” Imagine the great value that God placed on David. He had a special place in God’s heart and was delivered repeatedly from God’s wrath and his enemies. God certainly loved him!

But, David was not special! Christians have the same offer of deliverance and salvation through Christ that David did through God. Christ takes God’s wrath from us in the salvation He provides for us. He will also deliver us from the power of Satan who would defeat us. He is with us now just as God was with David three thousand years ago.

Christ living in us gives us His presence and power. When we call upon Him and trust in Him, we can be assured that He “is attentive to us, will keep us, protect us and take great pleasure in caring for us” because He delights in us - just as He did David.

Prayer: We thank You, Father, for Your greatness and grace that delivers us, cleanses us, and empowers us. May we realize just how much You care, In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today: He led me to a place of safety; he rescued me because he delights in me. Psalm 18:19 

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