Friday, January 16, 2015

Paying The Price

Making amends means “I’ve harmed someone.” Not an easy thing to do. First, if I have harmed someone, they “certainly deserved it or had it coming to them.” Secondly, whenever I apologize I admit that “I did something that is or was wrong - and that simply is not like me to do something like that.” Or, “They are too sensitive - they shouldn’t wear their feelings on their shoulders. It’s about them, not me.”

Unfortunately, those options do not agree with God’s Word. First, “All have sinned.” So, I’m not in any position to harm anyone. Secondly, “No one is righteous, not even one.” Well, there goes my reputation. Or, “If you have never committed a sin, pick up a stone and throw it at the first person you see - for they surely have!” But, when I look into my stone-carrier, it’s empty.

“Fools mock at making amends for sin, but goodwill is found among the upright,” seems to include everyone in one way or another. One who “mocks at making amends” would be a person who has no sense of guilt or personal accountability for their actions. They turn a “blind-eye” to God’s “ever-present, watchful eye.” That’s not wise!

To feel unaccountable for sin implies that there will be no judgment before God or man. That one surely is a fool, for one day we will all stand before God to be judged. On the other hand, “men of goodwill” are those who want to be “approved” by God and others for the way they act. They want their relationships, beginning with God, to be open and beyond reproach. “Do to others as you would have them do to you” is what making amends is all about.

Prayer:  Lord, it’s much easier to live in denial than the world of reality. Give us courage to seek forgiveness. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture for Today: Proverbs 14:9 Fools mock at making amends for sin, but goodwill is found among the upright.

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